by Camden Ford, July 6, 2018

Brighton Cocktail Week is kicking off on 6 July and making a tasty splash in Brighton this year, culminating with the Flair World Championships 2018 in The Haunt on Sunday 15th. This grand finale has been put together by world class flair bartender, and Brighton-born local, Steve Parsons, in partnership with Bacardi.

We caught up with Steve to get his take on the cocktail scene in Brighton, the rise of flair bartending and so we could get a glimpse of what to expect from some of the finalists.


Steve Parsons is a veteran of the flair bartending circuit, having ...


by Connie Lawfull, Jan. 15, 2018

With Alice, Coffee & Cocktail Extraordinaire @ Al Campo

‘Like all the comforts of home but better’ is the bold claim that café group Lounges make on the home page of their website. But with the chain running 104 bars and cafés across the country, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the personal, home-from-home atmosphere they are striving for might be unattainable. When it comes to Brighton’s Alcampo Lounge, however, the hype is justified. The huge café on London Road has become a favourite work spot for the Daily Brighton team for its great food, laid-back ambience, and personal ...


by Camden Ford, Dec. 15, 2017

With Sarah Saeed, of Elegant in the Room Productions. Performer & Producer of Lava Elastic

I met up with Sarah Saeed, AKA operatic sensation Marianna Harlotta, to chat about Lava Elastic, one of Brighton—and the UK’s—first ever neurodiverse comedy and performance nights (and the topic of our next blog post!) On the back of this interview, our writing team (all 2 of us) also took the opportunity to pick up some tickets for the November show to experience it first hand—after all, who can say no to an entire evening of comedy for just £6?

Four ...


by Camden Ford, Dec. 11, 2017

With Giuseppe, Giuliana & Andrea, Owners & Barista at Tomato Dolce & Salato

Tomato Dolce & Salato sits right in the middle of The Level, the bigger of the two cafés boasted by the park (the other, Loving Hut, is on the other side of the play area). Since its renovation in 2013, The Level has exploded back into life. A new water feature has replaced the old swimming pool, the skatepark has been completely revamped, and the southern half of the park has been transformed into a huge new play area.

The latest change the park has seen is ...


by Louise Carey, Nov. 29, 2017

With Brian Mitchell, Writer of The Ministry of Biscuits & Co-Founder of The Foundry Group


"Obviously the biscuits are a metaphor…but I’m not saying for what"


In a dystopian parallel version of post-war Britain, big government is watching you. Specifically, its watching which biscuits you dunk in your tea through the Ministry of Biscuits, an authoritarian state agency set up to police the design, manufacture and consumption of teatime treats throughout the country. Under MiniBics oppressive rule, only the drabbest of biscuits are permitted, while more exciting fare, like jammy dodgers and Jaffa cakes, are blacklisted ...


by Camden Ford, Nov. 24, 2017

With Aleks, Assistant Manager & Brewery Liaison @ North Laine Brewhouse


"They've actually kind of made a job for me"


I ambled into the pub looking for someone to interview and was lucky enough to bump into Aleks, who promptly grabbed us a tea and let me quiz him for a while. A self-professed ‘beer nerd,’ Aleks has what is arguably one of the best jobs in the world—brewery liaison at the North Laine Brewhouse.


 ‘We love putting weird things together’

Brewing at the North Laine is all about interesting experiments. Lemon and thyme beer? Go for it! Cardamom ...


by Louise Carey, Nov. 20, 2017

With Naomi, Acting Manager @ Cafe Rust


‘It’s quite family-orientated here, quite a close unit […] you don’t really want to leave.’


Is it a café? Is it a restaurant? Café Rust’s humble name is deceptive: this shabby chic eatery is fast becoming a staple of the London Road foodie scene. We spoke to Naomi, the Acting Manager, to find out more about one of the newest and trendiest of London Road’s cafés.


Café Rust is an establishment with hidden depths—literally, in fact. Beneath the main café is a secret cellar party room, with whitewashed walls, exposed ...

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