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by Louise Carey, Nov. 29, 2017

With Brian Mitchell, Writer of The Ministry of Biscuits & Co-Founder of The Foundry Group


"Obviously the biscuits are a metaphor…but I’m not saying for what"


In a dystopian parallel version of post-war Britain, big government is watching you. Specifically, its watching which biscuits you dunk in your tea through the Ministry of Biscuits, an authoritarian state agency set up to police the design, manufacture and consumption of teatime treats throughout the country. Under MiniBics oppressive rule, only the drabbest of biscuits are permitted, while more exciting fare, like jammy dodgers and Jaffa cakes, are blacklisted ...


by Louise Carey, Nov. 20, 2017

With Naomi, Acting Manager @ Cafe Rust


‘It’s quite family-orientated here, quite a close unit […] you don’t really want to leave.’


Is it a café? Is it a restaurant? Café Rust’s humble name is deceptive: this shabby chic eatery is fast becoming a staple of the London Road foodie scene. We spoke to Naomi, the Acting Manager, to find out more about one of the newest and trendiest of London Road’s cafés.


Café Rust is an establishment with hidden depths—literally, in fact. Beneath the main café is a secret cellar party room, with whitewashed walls, exposed ...

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