Brighton is on a busy trainline straight to London, as well as having good road links to the capital and across the south coast. It's easy to get down here for a weekend or holiday and it's easy to get into London or Eastbourne for a day out if you're living here. The only difficulty you might have is that everyone else has the same idea! It can get pretty busy and delays are common if you're travelling down for a summer weekend (especially bank holidays). Also, Southern Rail aren't known for their reliability, so if you want to be safer, get the Gatwick Express!


Brighton Station Main Entrance - Click Here for our Guide to Brighton Trains & Train Times
Getting to and from Brighton from London is easy and probably the most common way to get into the city after driving. Book in advance if you can!


Brighton's Iconic Taxis Lined Up at the Station - Click Here for Taxi Numbers & Information in Brighton

Our turquoise and white uniformed taxis can be spotted throughout the city. There are plenty of taxi ranks and prices aren't unreasonable.


Bus Stop Outside Brighton Station - Click Here for our Guide to Brighton's Buses
Mostly owned by Brighton & Hove Bus Company with the cream and red outfits. The city centre serves as a major hub for most bus routes.


National Express Coaches run Late in Brighton - Click Here for our Guide to Coaches to & from Brighton
You can hop on a National Express coach for a lot less than a train, but it will take you longer. You can change at Gatwick to get most places in the UK.

Planes & Boats

Colourful Boats Lined Up on Brighton Beach - Click Here for our Guide to Boats & Planes in Brighton
Gatwick is the nearest airport and is very easy to get to via a 30 minute train journey. The nearest ferry port is Newhaven, about 30 minutes away.

Cycling & Walking

Bike Hire Advert on Brighton's Seafront Promenade - Click Here for Walking & Cycling Tours Around Brighton
The cheapest and greenest way to travel! You can't really walk to Brighton from London (though there is a yearly cycle race), but it's easy to get around!
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