We've put together a collection of useful information about living in Brighton - whether you've just arrived, are thinking of moving or visiting, or you've been here as long as we have, hopefully there's something helpful for everyone!

If you're curious about events and activites, you can also check out our What's On pages, or, if you're feeling a bit more touristy, you can have a look at our Brighton Guide pages for a summary of some of the highlights that a visit might include.

Finally, we've also put together a student-specific guide, which you can spot on the right, or find here.

Allotments & Gardening

A Particularly Tidy Allotment! - Click Here for our Guide to Gardening & Allotments in Brighton
Plenty of green space in Brighton means a good number of allotments! Find info on where to go here, and where to find local garden centers.


St Peter's Church in the Middle of Brighton - Click Here for our Guide to Religion in Brighton
Brighton & Hove has a diverse array of religions (including 2.6% of people who are Jedis). We've put together info on places of worship here.

Cycling, Traffic & Parking

Brighton Seafront Promenade, Complete with Cycle Path! - Click Here for our Guide to Cycling, Traffic & Parking in Brighton
Despite the hills, Brighton is pretty cycle friendly, especially as you get towards the seafront. Info and prices on parking and peak times here too!

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Brighton Makes a Great Place to Study at Any Age - Click Here for our Guide to Education in Brighton
With two big top 100 Unis and dozens of colleges, secondary and primary schools, we've tried to make it a bit easier by gathering them together!

Climate, Environment & Recycling

Sun, Seagulls & the West Pier are Common Sights in Brighton - Click Here for Info on Brighton's Climate, Environmental Efforts & Recycling
Info on the weather in Brighton, plus the city's commitment to recycling and the environment through being the first One Planet City.

Banking, Posting, Laundry & PC Repair

There are Quicker Ways... - Click Here for our Guide to Post, Banks, Laundry & Technical Emergencies in Brighton
For all that personal admin! Info on where to find banks, post offices, PC/Phone repair and where to do laundry in an emergency!

Supermarkets & Late Night Opening

Brighton Runs Almost 24Hrs. You Won't Struggle to Find What You Need! - Click Here for our Guide to Grocery Shopping & Late Opening Times in Brighton
For all the essentials and big weekly shops, as well as those laste minute, late night runs to pick up loo roll or a home takeaway meal!

Health & Complementary Therapies

Brighton has a Wide Range of Healthcare, from Physical to Mental to Complementary - Click Here for our Guide to Healthcare & Wellbeing in Brighton
Brighton has two major hospitals, with this guide covering them alongside GPs. We've also put together a list of complementary therapists!

Local Media, MP's & Local Council

Brighton Town Hall - Click Here for our Guide to Local Councils, MPs and Media
Info on the local papers and media, as well as details on recent MP and Council elections with links to get in contact with them if needed!
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