Green spaces are popular around Brighton & Hove, with allotments in high demand and plenty of places to pick up a plant or two or a bench for whatever outdoor space you have! There are dozens of community projects around the city with opportunities to join in or help out.

Allotments & Community Gardens

There are 36 allotment spaces and counting in the Brighton & Hove area, representing 1000's of plots across the city. Waiting times for allotments are typically at least 1 year, but for the smaller ones can be 5 or 10 (yes, we were surprised at that too!), though costs are typically less than £40 per year. Brighton is a green city in spirit and in parliament (at least, partly) and a lot of the population embrace the organic food that you can produce on your own plot of land, so the demand is very high! The local council is working on splitting the full sized plots in half to reduce demand, but can only do so when one comes up for grabs.

You can also co-work a plot - this varies by plot size, but feel free to pop an advert up in our Volunteering section, it's free and you might spot someone else looking for a co-worker! Details on what to do when you've found a co-worker can be found below.

We were going to list every plot here, but they are managed very effectively by both the Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation and the city council, whose websites are below! They include up to date plot sizes, waiting list lengths and average waiting times, as well as contact details for all the allotment site managers.

If you want to have a bit of a taster of the allotment life before committing the time and energy to your own, there are now dozens of community gardens and growing patches with regular, at least weekly meetings. These are all over the city and well worth joining if you're keen on a bit of community gardening, or just curious. Many of them have accessible or family days too, so you're sure to find something that suits your need!

Tending an Allotment is a Popular Hobby in Brighton - Veggies for Everyone!

Gardening & Garden Centres

Brighton's major garden centre is Wyevale, up by the racecourse - it's a little bit out of town (though there are buses from the city centre), but has everything you could need for a garden, from planting to furnishing to pets. It also has an on-site restaurant serving fresh, seasonal dishes. If you can't get a car up, you can also arrange delivery there and if you need a hand, talk to a plant expert!

If you're looking for a top-up, tools, furnishings or a few extra plants, there are plenty of places closer to home - if you want to check them all out, you can check the map below, but broadly, there is a B&Q in the east of the town, on the Lewes Road towards the unis. There are two Robert Dyas at the Brighton and Hove end of Western Road and George Street as well as a Homebase on the way out of Hove on the Old Shoreham Road.


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