Being a popular tourist destination, it's important to have an idea of the weather! Even more so if you're thinking of moving here for a longer stay. We've got info on local environmental policy and recycling below too!


Brighton is pretty typical for a south-eastern coastal city. It is a bit drier than most of the UK and milder in winter - though we get a few icy days in January-February and it can be a pain to get up and down hills in frost! We get plenty of sea breeze along the coastline, which offsets the heat at the height of summer (and it can get pretty hot in July-August, with a bit of luck, if you're only down for a few days).

The sea ranges from 7/8 degrees celcius in March to 16/19 degrees in August - as a comparison, indoor pools are around 25/28 degrees, but having a nice cool sea to swim in is appreciated on a hot day! Just don't trust anyone when they say it's actually warm...

As you move up to the South Downs area, you'll see more rain and slightly cooler temperatures - better for walking!

You'll Appreciate the Refreshment in Summer! Keep an Eye on that Seagull Though...

Environment & Recycling

Brighton is a very environmentally conscious city. In 2013 it became the first One Planet City - pledging to develop and grow in line with the 10 One Planet principles and setting out a several year plan to ensure that this can happen. Because of this, there are a lot of sustainable developments and improvements being made throughout the city with engagement from many local groups and communities. Most of the local buses are hybrid-electric, with the Big Lemon Bus (can't miss it - it's yellow!) running on vegetable oil around the city.

The local council also supports sustainable events and has plenty of help in places to help facilitate making your event more sustainable.

This focus on sustainability also means there is a big push for recycling, with all houses by default having a black box for their recycling and typically this is collected fortnightly (recycling wheely bins are rare so there's a bit of an ongoing issue around having enough recycling space). On top of this there are over 70 recycling points around this city, which take pretty much any goods, including eletricals, clothes and other less commonly recycled items, or you can drop off your recycling at a recycling centre, or arrange a collection of bulky goods.

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