Brighton stays pretty active all day and all night, though the options turn from clothes shopping to drinking and clubbing as the night moves on. We've put together a guide below for those times when you need to do some regular shopping at irregular hours, as well as the general locations of the biggets supermarkets, for those big weekly shops.


We're focusing on the big, everything under one roof supermarkets, since there are local, smaller stores dotted thoroughly throughout the city and a lot of them are listed below, as they tend to open much later, though some of these supermarkets are 24hr!

There are two large Sainsbury's - one off Lewes Road and one on New England Street.

If you're a Tesco fan, you can only find 1 superstore, over in Hove on Church Road.

Waitrose is easiest to get to if you're already in town, being just along Western Road, opposite the shopping centre, as well as one in Nevill Road, over in Hove.

Asda has by far the largest stores, but they're only really accessible by car. However, they're also open 24hrs a day, so they partly make up for their distance with their convenience. They also both contain home, electronics and clothing sections. One is up north of the city, near the ringroad off Crowhurst Road, whilst the other is right in the south, at the Marina. Free parking at both!

Local & Express Stores Throughout Town are More Than Enough for Essentials!

Late Night Shopping

Before we get into late night proper - Thursdays is later opening at Churchill Square shopping centre, with all the shops closing at 8pm rather than 6/7pm on other days.

Also blends into the student living section on late night kebabs and snacks! Have a look here for that.

Most big name convenience stores open until 11pm, with some opening until midnight, pretty much every night until Sunday. There are about 18 local stores dotted around the city, split between Sainsbury's, Tesco and Co-op.

As mentioned above, probably the best equipped 24hr stores are the 2 Asda superstores near the ringroad in the north and at the Marina in the south. The N7 runs from Hove to the station, to the Marina all night, every 30 minutes, until about 4:40am. If you were really delayed getting into Brighton and need supplies, this can be a lifesaver!

Brighton Marina Hosts a Large 24Hr Asda & All-Night Casino
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