Kemptown is well known for it's strong LGBT+ community and LGBT+ friendly pubs, clubs and bars. The atmosphere is always friendly and inclusive, so stick around and grab a few tasty drinks!

Kemptown also hosts a mix of smaller restaurants, with some having been around for decades.

Places to Eat in Kemptown

Kemptown is a nice easy place to find your way around - it's pretty much all on St James's St, with a few palces of interest on roads to the right, heading down the the seafront.

This is almost universally the case if you're looking for a snack, meal or coffee. A couple of highlights are the Grubbs burger place, which sells amazing burgers and Muang Thai, which has been open for at least 30 years, is small, reasonably priced and does great Thai food. You can also choose to sit on the low cushion benches, if you take off your shoes.

Places to Drink in Kemptown

Cocktails and clubs are two of the biggest attractions on the drinking scenein Kemptown, combined with a lively LGBT+ scene.

The Black Dove and, right round the corner, Brighton Rocks both serve excellent cocktails and do a happy hour most evenings.

If you're keen to explore the LGBT+ scene, The Bulldog is one of the most famous gay bars in the area, and the Marlborough hosts the production company Pink Fringe, who specialise in Queer & LGBT+ cultural events. The Marlborough is opposite the Pavilion, just before you get to St James St.

On the LGBT+ clubbing side of things you've got Revenge, Envy and Legends, on the Old Steine and just around the corner on Marine Parade. Revenge is probably the biggest gay club in Brighton, with several floors and themes every night, as well as cheap drinks and plenty of bar space.

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