The North Laine district is brilliant for finding those independent, unique shops (check out our guide here), but it also has a great selection of smaller places to eat and some specialised pubs dotted around it's (mostly) pedestrianised streets. It's quieter than the city centre, though the pubs often close a little earlier.

North Laine Places to Eat

Trafalgar Street marks the northernmost edge of the North Laine area and runs right up to the station, making it a good first or last stop on a visit to Brighton. We'll focus on the main roads through North Laine, which run in an almost straight line from Sydney St, to Kensington Gardens, to Gardner St and ending at Bond St which leads into the centre. These are the busiest streets, but one or two streets either side still have more to add to the varied selection of places to eat.

Eateries in this area are almost universally cafes and tuck-shops with a huge variety of cuisines. We've got the classics, like Shakeaway and Bagelman, but there are also organic, breakfast, baking and tea specialist cafes. For coffees and snacks, Kensington Cafe has a nice balcony looking over the busiest pedestrianised section of the area.

In terms of restaurants, the North Laine is home to two vegetarian and vegan specialised eateries, Wai Kika Moo Kau and Iydea (they actually sit opposite each other) on Kensington Gardens. If you're looking for more speciality places to eat, have a look at our guide here!

Heading further into town, if you head down Jubilee St and New St (which merges into the city centre somewhat), near the Pavilion, you'll see most of the restaurants this area has to offer, from Wagamamas to Yo Sushi, Mexican food, Italian food and a great Japanese restaurant, Oki-Nami (which also serves cocktails, see below).

North Laine Places to Drink

Laer on in the day, once the shops are closed, the North Laine has a handful of friendly, medium-busy pubs which are a great stop if you fancy a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere than in the city centre. The White Rabbit, the North Laine and The Office all get a special mention - they're all very good sized pubs (North Laine is the biggest) with a reasonable price tag. The Office specialises in gin and gin cocktails and have an amazing selection (plus some incredibly potent gins up to 60+%). The Mash Tun and Waggon & Horses are also good pubs that you'll spot on your way towards the Pavilion.

Heading down New St, near the Pavilion Gardens, Valentino's does incredible cocktails, as does The Colonnade, above the theatre, and Oki-Nami, if you're fancying Japanese food. Perfect for those after show drinks.

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