Nice and easy location to find your way to - just keep heading downhill! A nice mix of places to eat and drink along the seafront, some of them actually down on the pebbles and some of them just across the road. Great for mixing in to a day at the beach without having to miss any of that sea air.

Places to Eat on the Seafront

There are three main places to grab a bite to eat along the seafront - on the beach, across from the beach and on the pier.

The biggest restaurants that sit on the beach itself are the OhSo Social and Alfresco. These both serve full menus and offer outside seating right up along the beach. Between these two there are snack shops and cafes all the way along the beach, so it's easy to grab the odd ice cream or drink without needing to go far.

At the front of the pier there are nearly a dozen snack huts selling fresh doughnuts, crepes, ice creams, hot dogs, fish and chips, amongst other things and this continues up the pier the whole way, including a noodle-to-go bar at the far end of the pier. There is a full restaurant in the middle of the pier too, if you fancy a sit down meal on the sea.

Across the main road from the beach there are quite a few restaurants and places to eat including several seafood restaurants, a couple of american cuisines and a mezze place. It's worth pointing out Buddy's, as it's a 24hr restaurant and is the ideal place to sit and grab a bite after a long clubbing night. Full English breakfast at 4:30am anyone?

Places to Drink on the Seafront

Like West St in the city centre (see here), the seafront hosts a couple of big clubs, set right against the pebbles of the beach. Coalition and Shooshh are both just a bit west of the pier and stay open until the early hours, focusing mainly on club and pop tracks.

If you're looking for a couple of drinks at a bar or pub, the OhSo Social bar serves refreshing cocktails, wines and beers, as does the Fortune of War. On the Pier you can also grab a pint or a glass of wine, though the Pier closes as early as 10pm out of season.

Just across the road from the beach, The Pitcher and Piano and Ali-Cats, on the edge of The Lanes both offer great drinks and the Haunt provides another easily accessible clubbing venue (check out The Lanes guide here).

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