Over the last few years, several top quality vegetarian restaurants have opened up and thrived in Brighton - although they'll also appear in the other guides, we've included a veggie specific one because it can make a nice change to have a good choice of meat and dairy free foods!

The majority of Brighton restaurants offer a good selection of vegetarian and, usually, vegan options too, but with these it's guaranteed.

Vegan, Veggie and Speciality Restaurants

The Lanes:

There are 4 veggie restaurants in The Lanes alone, covering Indian food at Bombay Aloo off Ship St, as well as two restaurants with Food For Friends and Terre A Terre on Prince Albert St and East St, with VBites, a veggie cafe, also on East St. All of these are reasonably priced and serve great food.

Eat Naked is also tucked away here, on East Arcade St. It isn't a completely veggie cafe (though it has plenty of vegan and veggie options), but it is all organic, all gluten free, processed food free and almost dairy free (they have a frozen greek yoghurt bar), so it gets it's own mention here as a speciality cafe.


North Laine:

At one end of Kensington Gardens, you've got two vegetarian restaurants opposite each other with Wai Kika Moo Kau and Iydea, the latter of which is a canteen style veggie place. On the other end of North Laine, on Gardner St, you've got two veggie cafes, next door to each other, with Loving Hut and Infinity Food Kitchen.

1847 is a new veggie restaurant in this area, just at the edge of the North Laine area, off North Rd.


St Peter's Church:

A couple of minutes walk from the church, on Trafalgar St one side and Richmond Parade the other, you've got The Prince George and Planet India. The Prince George serves a wholly vegetarian classic pub-food menu, with Planet India serving up veggie Indian food.


Edge of Centre:

Rootcandi and Purezza are the only two veggie places not quite in the centre, with the former being over on Western Rd in Hove and Purezza being on St James's St in Kemptown. Vegan Pizzas!

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