An overview of where to stay and what's nearby if you're looking at staying in the heart of Brighton. Our snapshot guide below aims to give you a bit of a taste of the area and what's on your doorstep. If you want a view of all the hotels available and their facilities, you can find our full listings here (you can filter by location there too!).

City Centre Hotels

If you're looking to stay in the centre of Brighton, there are a few areas that are worth a look. Being so central, these hotels are often on the pricier end of the spectrum, but you'll save on travel time and costs and you're guaranteed to be close to the seafront, great food and great shopping. If you're interesting in borrowing a flat or staying a bit longer, feel free to check out our adverts (or pop one up yourself) here! We also have a full, searchable business listings of places to stay here.

The highest density of hotels and B&Bs are just west of Churchill Square - centred on Regency Square (with nearly a dozen places to stay on this square alone) and around the nearby, smaller, Russell Square. Both of these spots are really easy to get to, if you head towards the main shopping centre and head right, down the side of it, you'll reach Russell Square straight away, with Regency Square about 50m further, down a pedestrian alley. This area has a few reasons for being so popular - firstly it is only 150m to the seafront from the square and 200m from the shopping centre. Secondly, most of the hotels also overlook one of the two squares, which are nice places to relax anytime, but help make the whole area feel much more spacious. Finally, most of the buildings are old townhouses and make great decorative pieces themselves.

Other than these squares, you can head down North Street or West Street (both meet at the clocktower near the shopping centre) to find the larger, lower cost Premier Inn and Travelodge (West Street can be a bit loud at night, as one of the main clubbing streets). The Lanes and North Laine have a spattering of B&Bs, but don't really lie in the central hotel "zone".

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