If you're keen to visit Brighton, but prefer staying somewhere a bit quieter or more quaint, we've put together a short summary below alongside transport information. If you want a view of all the hotels available and their facilities, you can find our full listings here (you can filter by location there too!).

Staying Further Afield

Before exploring out of Brighton, there are a couple of large hotels located less centrally, near the station or beyond, that are still within 45 minutes walk of the seafront. Around the station there are two larger hotels, the Jurys Inn and Hotel Ibis. If you walk a bit further out of town, towards Preston Park, there is a large Travelodge overlooking the southern edge of the park, which is ideal if you're visiting for Pride, which is hosted in Preston Park. Depending on the time of year, this hotel can also be a bit cheaper.

If you're still looking to stay near the sea, there are a couple of choices - the White Horse in Rottingdean is a seafront hotel located in the small village of Rottingdean, but on a convenient bus route straight into Brighton - the trip only takes about 20 minutes. It is also perfectly situated to take the undercliff walk along the seafront to Brighton Marina and eventually, Brighton seafront. It's a long-ish walk of about 2 miles to the Marina and about another 2 to the pier and city centre. Doable in about 75 minutes if you walk at Google Map speed.

If you look west instead, you'll find Lancing and Worthing about 20 and 25 minutes train ride. Lancing has a handful of seafront guesthouses only about 10 minutes from the station and Worthing has it's own Pier too alongside plenty of seafront attractions of it's own, so if you think you might want a bit of a quieter seaside stay, with the odd jaunt into Brighton, one of these is a good pick!

For those of you who are less interested in the sea, Lewes is only 15 minutes from Brighton by train and is a beautiful old town, complete with castle, river and views across the Downs. It serves as a perfect starting point for walks into the countryside.

There are also small, independent B&Bs dotted throughout the villages around the South Downs and sometimes just individual farmhouses - most of these are not likely to have as thorough transport links, but are a beautiful way to spend a relaxed, scenic walking holiday. Poynings and Ditchling village both have a local B&B and are very pretty villages. Middown House is located only a short drive from Brighton, but sits in the middle of the South Downs. Near to Middown is also The Shepherds Hut - an individually rented shepherds hut, with wood-burning stove and hot tub.

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