An overview of where to stay and what's nearby if you're looking at staying in the Kemptown area of Brighton. Our snapshot guide below aims to give you a bit of a taste of the area and what's on your doorstep. If you want a view of all the hotels available and their facilities, you can find our full listings here (you can filter by location there too!).

Kemptown Hotels

Kemptown is historically known as an actors and artists quarter and today hosts a sizable LGBT community alongside plenty of places to eat and stay.

Getting in to Kemptown is easy, as it's just across the road from the Pavilion and up St James's Street. About halfway along this road, you'll reach the New Steine square, with the AIDS memorial located at the top. This square is surrounded by more than 10 hotels and guesthouses, mostly on the medium to small end size-wise with 10-30 rooms and often coupled with a more personal and intimate feel.

Similarly, about 6 streets further along, Charlotte Street hosts another handful of smaller guesthouses. Most of the hotels in Kemptown are converted regency townhouses, hence the cozier sizes.

Wherever you're staying in Kemptown, you'll only be about 10 minutes from Brighton Pier, the seafront and all the fun of the beach (including crazy golf and a Sea Life centre to name just a couple) to the west. There are also great bus links from all along St James's Street if you want to head further afield, particularly out to the eastern edges of the city or into the Rottingdean/Saltdean cliffs area.

Within Kemptown itself, St James's Street represents the main thoroughfare and is full of coffee shops (both artisanal and cheap and cheerful), pubs, bars and restaurants, so if you're fancying a bite to eat or a drink (or several), it's a great place to sit down and grab something. It also tends to be a bit quieter than the city centre, particularly later on. A personal recommendation is Muang Thai - a brilliant Thai restaurant that has been around forever. One of the most famous bars on the street is the Bulldog, which has been operating as an iconic gay venue for over 35 years. You might well see it lit up in all it's rainbow glory at night.

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