An overview of where to stay and what's nearby if you're looking at staying on and around the seafront of Brighton. Our snapshot guide below aims to give you a bit of a taste of the area and what's on your doorstep. If you want a view of all the hotels available and their facilities, you can find our full listings here (you can filter by location there too!).

Seafront Hotels

The seafront has a bit of an overlap with both the city centre and kemptown hotels, since in both of those, the main hotel area is around a square not far from the seafront.

For our purposes, the seafront hotels are the ones set on the seafront road (King's Road or the A259) and directly overlook the sea. Naturally there are a fair few of them, since Brighton has been a tourist destination for nearly 250 years and the sea has always been one of the biggest attractions.

All of these hotels are much larger than the guesthouses that are more common in the other districts, with pretty much all of them having 100's of rooms and containing gyms or pools or restaurants (or all of the above). They are typically located in beautiful Georgian and Regency buildings and promise amazing views (particularly if you have a top floor room). Road facing rooms do sit on the main A-road that runs along the seafront, though the rooms are all well glazed.

The Royal Albion Hotel is right next to the coach station, opposite Brighton Pier. In terms of central location, you can't really get any better - you could probably make it to the beach in less than 60 seconds from the door, if the green man crossings were in your favour - though that's the case for most of these hotels.

The Queens Hotel and Jurys Inn and The Old Ship Hotel are just 5 minutes down the road, slightly further from the pier, but located at one of the entrances to The Lanes, which makes them ideal for shopping or grabbing a nice bite to eat. The Old Ship Hotel dates back to the 16th century in parts, serving as an inn before Brighton was even on the map (and still called Brighthelmstone).

The last major hotel, the Hilton, is another 10 minutes along the main road, now sitting opposite the new i360 observation tower, which lets you get a 360 degree view of the coast from 450ft up!

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