Brighton is a great place to study, with 2 great Unis and a lively, student friendly atmosphere, it's no wonder there are nearly 34,000 students working, studying and playing here! If you've just got an offer - congratulations!

It can be pretty daunting to come to a new city, especially since this will be the first time away for most, so we've put together a few quick guides and links below to help you start settling in.

Where to Live

Both Universities Have Uni Accommodation & Plenty of Help to Find Your Own Place - Click Here for our Short Guide to Student Accommodation in Brighton
You'll probably live on-site in your first year at least, which we've covered here, but we've also got tips for when you're ready to step into a house share!

Books & Equipment

Brighton Jubilee Library - Click Here for our Guide to Grabbing Cheap Books & Equipment for Uni
Academic books are surprisingly expensive, so we've got a few tips and tricks on how to save that precious loan money and still get everything you need.

Careers Advice

Just One Option of Many! Copyright Victor Frankowski & Brighton Festival, Used With Permission & Thanks! - Click Here for our Student Guide to Careers Advice in Brighton
No idea what to do after Uni? No problem! There are plenty of sources of great information and advice for those stuck on the next step (pretty much everyone).

Setting Up Shop, Surviving & Student Loans

Maybe Enough for a Couple of Pints? - Click Here for our Guides to Settling In, Surviving and Managing Money Whilst Studying in Brighton
Tips on making your room a home, finding the best deals and most importantly making sure you're happy and having a good time!

Planning Your Year & University Terms

You Won't Need Those Sunglasses Very Often! - Click Here for our Student Guide to Planning Your Terms in Brighton
Uni is often a more independent learning experience, so starting off with a good plan can really help. Or at least knowing when term starts!

Eating Out, Food Shopping, Kebabs & Coffee

You Can Always Find 2 for 1 Cocktails Somewhere... - Click Here for our Guide to Eating Out, Kebabs & Late Night Shopping for Students in Brighton
Everyone's got to eat! This is also the place to go if you're looking for those elusive end-of-evening kebabs or 24hr diners to try to stave off a hangover.

Clubs, Cinemas & Theatres

The Odeon is Brighton's Biggest & Most Central Cinema - Click Here for our Guide to Student Clubs, Cinema & Theatre in Brighton
Whether it's drinking, movies or shows, Brighton has plenty of great entertainment venues, most of which are open well into the night.

Getting Around & Keeping Fit

Walking is Always an Option Too! - Click Here for our Student Guide to Getting Around & Keeping Fit in Brighton
With hills and better than average weather, getting a good walk is easy, but we've also put together info on more structured exercise venues!

Sound, Fury, Music & Dance

Copyright Victor Frankowski & Brighton Festival - Used with Permission & Thanks! - Click Here for our Guide to Student Music & Drama in Brighton
Music and drama are big parts of Brighton's cultural scene, so you won't be lacking for opportunities, through the Unis or further afield.
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