It can be pretty daunting as Uni draws to a close to decide where to go next, so we've collected some of the various sources of information available to students at Brighton and Sussex Unis.

Books & Equipment

Academic books are always expensive, but there are lots of ways to avoid having to pay full price for them, or to get access to them for free (and not through theft).

Libraries and second hand purchasing are you friends here. The library is always worth a check first - since you've already paid your tuition fees, you might as well make the most out of all the facilities! Usually you'll be able to borrow a book for as much time as you need, unless it's really unique or unusual, in which case you might have to read it in the library, or book time with it.

If the library doesn't have what you need, or you need a book for the whole 3 years and don't want to renew it every week, it's worth starting to look around for second hand copies. You can list your books for free and search for others in our For Sale section of the site, so feel free to start there! is a great resource for second hand books too.

If you get really stuck, you can always see if you can partner or group up to do work - not only does this save having to splash out as much money, it can be that extra bit of motivation to get to work!

In terms of equipment, you can probably pick up everything cheap from WHSmith - we'd recommend a notepad or folder for each course you do - it's a pain initially, but when you get to your final year, you'll be so glad that you didn't just put everything in one badly labelled notebook. More expensive equipment, if it's essential, is usually provided by the uni, but feel free to look at our For Sale section if you need something specific!

Worth Browsing Around to Track Down Bargains!
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