Brighton has a huge selection of places to eat - you can check our full guide over on our Places to Eat & Drink pages. Of course, on a student budget it's unlikely you'll be eating at all the gourmet restaurants every week, so we've also summarised where to eat on a budget and where you can grab a bite after a night out.

Eating Out & Coffee Shops

There are dozens of cafes and coffee shops where you can sit down, grab a drink or a snack and usually find a place to work for a change of scenery. A particularly popular cafe is Kensingtons, in North Laine - they offer great student discounts. In fact, many of the city centre places do student deals and set menus at quieter times, which are well worth a look.

The Open Market and London Road are a bit cheaper and full of cafes or places to eat too, so you don't have to move out of the centre much to find a deal.

More importantly, the places to avoid if you're looking for a deal are mostly along the seafront - particularly fish & chips!

Just Eat and Deliveroo both deliver around Brighton, giving you a huge selection of takeaways to choose from if you've run out of food at home.

North Laine & London Road are Ideal for Coffee Shops or Places to Grab a Snack

Food Shopping

You can check out our Supermarkets & Late Night Shopping page for specifics on supermarkets and convenience stores. There are late night opening local supermarket stores throughout the city, often closing at 11pm, as well as a handful of big, well priced supermarkets.

Asda is the cheapest and, although it's further out of the city, offer cheap delivery. Definitely worth seeing if you can get a group shop ordered from them if you want to cut costs as much as possible.

Late Opening Times are Common in Brighton so Don't Worry if You've Forgotten the Milk!

Kebabs & Late Night Eating

Brighton is a party city - check out our What's On pages and our Nights Out, Cinema & Theatre page for more info. Even if you're not into the clubbing or late night partying scene, this has some great advantages. Lots of shops open later than average, particularly convenience and local/express supermarket stores, so you'll rarely be stuck without essentials.

On top of this, there is an unusually good selection of food, with both fast and sit down varieties, available 24 hours a day, so it doesn't matter if you've stayed out clubbing until 5am, or you're just up working or chilling at home, you can always get a full meal!

The two biggest names here are The Market Diner on Circus Street and Buddies on King's Road (on the seafront). They both have huge menus, from Mexican to Burgers to Full English Breakfasts to Pasta and Pizza, all served all day and night, every day. Buddies also offers 20% off for students Sunday to Thursday. A Pizza is about £6-8 in either of them, as an example of price.

If you want something quicker, Subway and McDonalds are both open 24 hours on North Street, though Subway turn off their ovens overnight (and to be honest, a cold subway is not as good as a hot one...). There are also stalls along the seafront where you can get some great hotdogs and several kebab stores on West Street, North Street and London Road. Some takeaways also deliver almost 24hr.

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