Sea air, beaches, rolling hills on the edge of the city - Brighton is a great place for a walk or jog and there are some brilliant places to do that which you can check out here! This guide is about getting around as cost effectively as possible and cheap, or free, ways to squeeze in that bit of exercise we're apparently meant to do.

If you want more info on getting to Brighton and other modes of transport, you can find our guide here (or on the right)!

Getting Around

Cycling is reasonably catered for in Brighton - a lot of the campuses are close enough to the city centre to avoid a really long cycle and even the ones further out can avoid the biggest hills and still get into town.

It becomes a bit more faff when you're living out of the campuses, as the city centre is on a small hill in a nest of bigger hills and most places you're likely to live will be uphill from there. This makes it easy to get to the centre, but a pain to cycle back! You can check out our full cycling guide here  for great places to cycle.

Travelling by bus is easy and not a bad price, you can get The Key - a bus card that you can top-up as you need and allows cheaper travel - and as a student, you can register it in store to get even cheaper prices. A day ticket costs £3.70 for students, but go up a bit at night. The pricing for buses isn't awful, but could be cheaper - if there are a few of you, call a cab and ask for a quote, it can save you a bit of money and is much easier.

Off-peak train tickets to London, if booked in advance, can be as little as £18, including a day travelcard for the tube, so if you're fancying an excursion, London isn't an unreasonable price (to get there at least!). Watch out for strikes though, Southern Rail is notoriously bad for delays and industrial action.

Southern Rail Run Regular Services Between London & Brighton Everyday


Both Unis offer access to their own gyms for a reasonable price, with Sussex starting from free (or pay as you go) to £170 for the year and Brighton offering a £10 a month membership. That's likely to be the cheapest you'll get and it includes classes and courts access, as well as being close to the campus, so it's easy to tag on to the end of the a day of lectures or labs.

Of course, as mentioned above, cycling is free (once you've got a bike) and there are plenty of routes along the seafront or around the city. You can also grab your hiking boots and march up into the South Downs! Have a look at our Cycling or Walks pages for more info.

That's One Way to Keep Fit... It's Colder than it Looks!
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