We've tried to cover the biggest, most popular sources of entertainment around the city, from the party-filled nightlife scene to the theatrical and cinematic scene, there's sure to be something for you to do at pretty much all hours, whatever your preferences!

Nights Out & Clubbing

Have a look at our Eating & Drinking section (on the right) for places to grab a drink and go clubbing, as well as our Nightclub listings, to make sure you pick your favourite!

If you enjoy having a drink and partying until the early hours, Brighton definitely has you covered. Pretty much every club and every night of the week has a student night somewhere, so you're sure to be able to find cheap, or even free, entry to a club most nights. 3:30am is pretty much the earliest clubs close, with plenty going on until 5am, depending on the night.

There are clubs covering all tastes, from quieter Jazz clubs and late night bars, to full-on pounding club music, so you can dance, drink or chat the night away, depending on what you fancy!

The Pavilion Tavern and both Weatherspoons are incredibly cheap (wine on tap can only be a good thing right?), though our recommendation would be the Weatherspoons on North Street, rather than West Street. In fact, unless you're there to club, we'd recommend avoiding West Street at night altogether. It's very loud, it's often leary and it's very drunk (you can take that as a good or bad thing)!

Dance the Night Away in One of Brighton's Many Clubs!

Cinemas & Theatres

Have a look at our What's On pages for cinema and theatre listings, or our Cinemas & Theatre page for info on all the places you can catch a show.

Brighton has some really good independent cinemas, with comfy chairs and a good atmosphere, one at the Komedia in North Laine and one at The Duke of Yorks near Preston Circus. Some of them do overnight showings of film series and serve breakfast afterwards! The Komedia is actually a great place to catch a show too, with comedy nights every Saturday for a very reasonable price, it can be a great evening out and you can order drinks for while you're watching! They often have group discounts or other offers on too, so check their website for info.

There are 8 active theatre groups with their own performance spaces in Brighton, all listed in detail in the link above. This doesn't even touch on the smaller groups or societies running shows in smaller venues or rented spaces, so it's worth checking out What's On to make sure you don't miss anything!

Komedia Cinema & Comedy Club is a Great Place to Catch a Film, Grab a Drink or Watch a Show
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