We've collected together a collection of highlights and exciting regular activities, as well as a few walks, maps and general pointers, so you can start to plan your time in Brighton.

If you're after day-by-day specifics, pop on over to the What's On? page.

Top 10

Only in Brighton for a day?

We've put together this handy list of some personal favourites!

Annual Events & Festivals

Copyright Vic Frankowski and Brighton Festival

A month by month breakdown of what goes on and when across Brighton, with links to the organisers.

If you're looking for other event listings and non-annual festivities, check them out here!


Brighton City Sightseeing Bus - Click Here to Check our Local Guides to Shopping, Eating and Staying in Brighton
Fancy having an amble through the city, spotting some sights or strolling down the coast?
Let us help you plan your route and make sure you see everything you want to!


Tourism Information Point on Brighton Pier - Click Here for Walking & Cycling Tour Listings
If you're not the map reading, orienteering type, Brighton has plenty of tours by day and night, from historical to ghostly.
Get a personal, free tour guide with Brighton Greets!


Built between the edge of the South Downs National Park and the sea, Brighton offers some spectacular views and walks - and not all of them are hilly!

Art, Museums & Galleries

Independent Art Galleries Hiding in the Arches on Brighton Seafront - Click Here to Explore all Brighton Art Galleries, Big & Small!
We've got historical, artistic and archaeological museums and galleries all over the place!
We've also got listings for smaller events and artistic demonstrations here!

Parks & Nature Reserves

Entrance to The Level in Central Brighton - Click Here for our Guide to Parks & Green Spaces Around Brighton
Want a green space to relax in on a sunny Brighton day, or a nice place to grab lunch at work?
We've gathered all our parks and reserves in one place so you can pick your favourite!

Cinemas, Theatres & Clubs

We've put together a summary of where and when to see all sorts of shows.

If you want full Cinema and theatre listings, check out our What's On pages for all the info!
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