Brighton isn't just for sun, sea and pebbles! With dozens of museums and galleries dotted around the city, there is plenty of culture to absorb, whether your interests lie with toys, fishing or old-style amusement arcades, there's a lot to see. Most of the locations listed below are also focused around the city centre, so you can often combine them with a bit of shopping or a bite to eat!


Royal Pavilion:

Mentioned in our Top 10 in more detail, the Royal Pavilion is not something to pass up! Set in the middle of the city within walking distance of the seafront, it's easy to fit into any trip down to Brighton and well worth a visit.

Brighton Museum:

Set in the grounds of the Pavilion and therefore also right in the middle of the city, Brighton Museum combines art and history in an ever-changing collection of works from fashion to local history to fine art.

Hove Museum:

Hove museum claims collections of fine art and local history, as well as historical toys and cinematic collections.

Preston Manor:

Preston Manor is an Edwardian styled historic manor house. Alongside the standard tours of this immaculately maintained house, you can join in for ghost tours, murder mystery evenings and live witchcraft events, if you so dare!

Booth Museum:

Opened in 1874 by an eccentric, wealthy naturalist and collector, this museum houses hundreds of taxidermied birds arranged in their natural habitats, as well as a large collection of fossils, insects, rocks and minerals.

Toy and Model Museum:

Over 10,000 toys and models inside, with a 1930's model railway town, Meccano and rooms full of soft toys and die cast models. It's also literally underneath the station, about 2 minutes from the front entrance, so it's an easy thing to squeeze in at the end of a day-trip.

Fishing Museum:

Right on the seafront alongside plenty of places to snap up a catch of the day for lunch, this museum takes visitors on a fishing trip from Brighthelmstone in the 1700's, all the way to the Brighton of today!

Old Police Cell Museum:

Oddly situated underneath Brighton town hall, this museum traverses the history of policing in Sussex. One of the newest museums on this list, as of recently, you can now get married in the venue!

Amusement Museum:

Mechanical Memories Amusement Museum is on the seafront right next to the pier featuring dozens of unique, vintages slot games and penny arcade machines


With 30 galleries and counting, Brighton has definitely got you covered for art - we've included a picture and link for each gallery, rather than a full description, otherwise you'd be scrolling down forever! Plenty of these are focused around the city centre, but the Open Market is also worth a browse.

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