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About Coffefix -
We believe that freshly roasted, delicious coffee shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we’re giving you premium, barista quality coffee for just £1 - all day, everyday! And even better than that, buying Coffefix coffee means you’re supporting your local independent coffee shop. That’s why we want to bring you the personal touch too. Sound OK to you? Yep, us too.

Our Coffee -
We roast our high altitude organic green beans on site and also offer bags of our free roasted coffee. Our secret and unique blend of African beans is infamous for its rich taste, whilst our Brazilian blend is sought after for its precise strength. The Coffefix blend is built around beautiful and freshly roasted coffee, at only £1 a cup.

Freshly Blended -
Our range of freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas, soft drinks, freshly made on-site handcrafted sandwiches and heavenly artisan cakes are all available for only £1 each.
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Fri, 20 Oct., 2017 07:00
Sat, 21 Oct., 2017 07:00
Sun, 22 Oct., 2017 08:00
142 Western Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2LA