What Is It?

The Daily Brighton printed sheet is an A2, twice-weekly poster with a summary of events and opportunities from around the Brighton & Hove area. You might spot it around the city when you're grabbing your coffee, or at your local pub!

Each issue gives a summary of all local events and happenings, as well as a selection of our featured ads from every section of our site, including job opportunities and rental listings. We usually find that about a third of the page is filled with events for the next few days and the other two thirds are full of interesting ads.

The sheet has 6 columns on a normal week, but on busy weeks will operate with 7 columns so we can make sure everything important is fit on!

Delivery - Days & Times

We deliver our printed sheet twice a week on Monday and Friday afternoons, between 3 and 5pm.

The deadline for submission of adverts is the evening before, so 5pm Sunday and 5pm Thursday. If we have too many ads for an issue we will go by a first come, first served basis and we'll let you know if your ad doesn't fit!

Our delivery people will take the old poster down, put the new poster up and take the old one away to be recycled and we'll always come in business hours, so you don't need to change your schedule!

Delivery - Prices

We are currently offering free delivery for life for all businesses who are happy to display our poster while we are getting set up. After this period we will be looking to charge a nominal fee to cover delivery costs.

We are happy to include a free snap frame with the first poster delivery, so you have somewhere to display it. If you decide you want to stop displaying our poster, we ask that you return our frame, so we can reuse it!

Delivery - Leaflet & Flyer Distribution

We are happy to include leaflets and flyers for local events or businesses to be delivered alongside our posters. We will be running multiple 2 hour delivery routes delivering to around 40 locations each and will charge on a per route basis. We can't guarantee that flyers or posters will be displayed prominently, as it depends on the goodwill of our displayers.

This Week's Issue!

You can check out all our previous issues in our archive! We update this with each new issue as it is made.

We offer free, paid and featured ads for all listings on our site.

Free ads are limited to 20 words and appear online only, unless we have some spare room on the sheet!

Paid ads are paid for by word count and appear online, or in print, or both, depending on what you want.

Featured ads are the box ads you'll spot around the site - you can also have these in print, online, or both and they are paid for by the cm. Check out below on placing a featured ad - we offer a free design service for these ads!

Prices are listed for online only, in print only and combined display. A combined display price is offered for every pair of online and in print issues you purchase at once, even if the dates don't overlap.

You can find the full price listings below!

How to Add a Venue or Business

When adding an event you can also add a venue for that event, if it is not already listed. If your business is not listed but you don't want to add an event, please do feel free to get in touch and we'll rectify that for you!

Something Inaccurate or Out of Date?

If something is wrong or has recently changed and it isn't reflected in the business listing page, please do let us know and we'll fix it for you. We pull a lot of our information from Google, so it might also be worth having a quick check there to make sure Google has the correct information for your business too!

Buying Online

If you're buying in the For Sale section of the site, the best way to make sure everything is above board is to go and see the item before committing to buying it. Photos can be grabbed from the internet so they aren't necessarily a guarantee (though they help).

Be wary of sending over large amounts of money up front or before confirming that the item exists as it is too easy for people to vanish with any money you have sent over.

Conversely, be careful sending valuable items to buyers you haven't met! If you're concerned about revealing your home address when selling an item, you can always arrange to meet in town to show it to the buyer.

Renting Houses, Flats or Houseshares

Landlords and letting agencies tend to want a couple of main things - to be paid on time and to avoid damage to the property or complaints from neighbours. Usually this means they want a reference or guarantor, particularly if you are a student (parents make a good default gaurantor, for example) - it's nothing personal, it's just difficult to remove a tenant once they are in, so there are a few hurdles to jump through!

Landlords have to store your deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme within 30 days of receiving it. This is to make sure that you get your deposit back if you leave the place as you found it. Before you hand over the deposit, confirm it will be held in a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme!

For full info, check out the government website on tenancy deposit protection here.

Make sure you know whether bills (council tax, gas, electricity, water and internet) are included or not so you can work out your monthly outgoings before committing.

You can find council tax information here. Students and anyone registered as unemployed are exempt from paying council tax, but will need to follow the link to make sure they have registered as exempt, if needed. If you are a single non-student, employed occupant in a house, council tax, you pay 75% of the total.

Price comparison sites such as Compare the Market or Money Supermarket are good places to grab the best deal on bills you can and it's worth checking at the end of any contracts for new deals, to avoid being put on a more expensive default plan.


Be careful with anything involving large sums of money up front. The general rule is if it's too good to be true, it probably is. This is especially true for deposits for rent - you should have seen the house and have a contract in front of you before you have paid out any money and it should be held in a Deposit Protection Scheme, mentioned above.

Scams offering you very easy money, such as transferring funds for a large finders fee, are common and universally not legit. Be wary of poorly phrased or worded adverts and never pass on personal information or money if you are at all unsure. Feel free to get in touch with us if you spot something that concerns you!

Avoid sending over proof of funds via Western Union, as the number on the receipt can be sufficient for someone to have control over the money you have sent.

We mask your email from scammers and bots when you place an advert. This means that when people click "Reply" it is delivered to your email address, but they have no way of identifying your email until you reponse to their reply.

Who Are We?

We are a Brighton based company who provide free ad and event listings online and in-print across the Brighton & Hove area. We want to be a one-stop shop for all the goings on in Brighton and a place where residents can advtertise their own goods & services to other residents without having to pay any expensive fees.

We make our money through web traffic, promoted ads, or the big featured ads you see around the site, which anyone is welcome to purchase if they want to make more of a statement! Though we will always offer free advertising too. These paid ads are also included on the printed sheet you'll spot around the city.

Most importantly we're not selling your information or data to anyone to support our free advert platform :)

Contact Us

Dropping us an email is the most effective way of getting in touch, but you can also give us a call here (01273 569 073)!

Special Thanks

This website wouldn't be possible without our brilliant developer, Matt Williams. All of the fancy, interactive parts of our site, from adverts to reviews, are thanks to Matt's technical expertise!

Thank you so much to Rebecca Banks at Hammer Forge Photography for the majority of our photos (most of the best looking ones) and to the multitude of event runners and organisers who donated photos of their events (credits visible in the mouseover text).

Finally, thank you to Louise Carey for all her copy editing work of the many pages of this site! You can find her or hire her on Twitter and Wordpress.

Errors & Additions

We're always looking to improve our site and information, so do feel free to get in touch and let us know if you'd change anything or if anything is out of date or missing.

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